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Modded Hair clipping unless certain beard is applied

  • Hi,
    I seem to need some help from experienced modders!

    I'm currently trying to mod my SP character which uses a custom head to replace Franklin. I also want to use additional Hair/Beard mods, well now here's the problem: Whenever I apply a custom Hairstyle, the Hair will start clipping around like crazy. This happens regardless of other Items added except for one beard. If I apply the specific beard (also a mod), the hair will stay in place just fine.

    it basically looks like this without the beard added :

    This does only work with that one specific beard, all other beards, modded or vanilla will leave the hair clipping. What exactly does the beard affect to stop the clipping? How can I permanently achive this and still maintain the ability to change the beardstyle without clipping hair?

    Thanks a lot!

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