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2012 Acura RL (Legend)

  • Looking for someone to bring this Acura RL into GTA5. It’s been my car for years and it’s pretty amazing overall, would love to see it in game. Willing to pay for $75 model (see linked website below) as well as a commission fee. Interior and exterior.


  • i myself have someone that makes mod cars for me, hes working on my third car now... try to find this car already made as a mod in a game so they can convert it over... most cars u see in gta as a mod are from other games// gamemodels.ru is the site my modder gave me to pick out cars.. or search assetto corsa mods in google and do some digging to find a private modder that has done this car.. if u do this ill ask my guy if he can do it for u.. i wont put his name on here because i dont want to be the reason people are killing his inbox but hes done my 1982 corolla sedan and my 1986 corolla coupe and now is doing a 1985 rx7 and all are top tier mods

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