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Local Vehicle mods for RageMP - disable tuning?

  • Hey,

    So after creating a dlc pack for RageMP and putting it into the directory to actually load it, while joining on a server, I managed to find out how to add a vehicle mod and it actually shows up on the server (of course only for me). Now the problem with GTA Servers is that they usually have car tuning parts. So the car I modded in GTA now has floating tuningparts, since everyone wants to tune his vehicles on those. I dont really know any solutions for that. I've seen a mod to delete pretty much all tuning parts but that would end up in having no tuning parts for other cars as well - Doesnt really do, what I would like.

    Is there a way to disable tuning parts for only the car I modded into the game, so I can see it properly without other peoples flying tuning parts?

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