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Map Editor and Addon Peds conflict

  • Have the 2 mods found a way to work together?
    i really wanna try the map editor but as everyone knows, addon peds conflicts severely with map editor.
    did they ever find a solution to have both mods working together?

  • I do not understand your problem at all, if you are talking about NativeUI and compatible versions, you should use 1.7 because the addonpeds and the map editor are no longer updated to more frequent versions that are at the height of the native ui 1.9.1

    addonpeds would work without any problem since the embedded code of the new versions of NativeUI (1.9.1) is not affected with the current one (1.7), but adding codes such as UIMenu.Remove, or simplified coding causes performance problems for the map editor with the actual NativeUI


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