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Nuclear explosion -- Creating a *new* explosion animation from scratch

  • Does anyone have any useful guide or information on what files need to be edited or replaced to make a new explosion? I want to make a nuclear explosion, and just scaling up the stock explosion doesn't cut it. The stock explosion looks nothing like a nuclear one, and increasing the scale on a fast, low-res animation frankly looks ugly. The explosion dissipates in 1 second and doesn't even form a mushroom cloud.

    Specifically, one of the most crucial elements that make a nuclear explosion nuclear is the flash of light. How can we add a flash of bright light encompassing the entire screen, that immediately starts at 100% brightness and fades out after 3 seconds to reveal the fireball?

    And the explosion itself needs to be white hot and glowing orange, and last at least 20 seconds, with smoke only forming and rising after 15 seconds and lasting another 30 seconds.

    It would be very helpful to find out how to manipulate the particle physics as well. I know the explosion is built from a sprite sheet, with the sprite sheet composing a single particle of the explosion -- and multiple numbers of these particles, each built from the sprite sheet, spins and rises and fades out at different intervals. So, we need to increase the number of these particles, increase their lifespan, and make them behave differently -- the particles of the fireball should all be rotating counter-clockwise relative to the epicenter as they slowly rise in altitude and getting replaced by different smoke particles. And then, a separate set of "stem" particles with separate rules would form the stem of the mushroom cloud, which would be rotating much more slowly.

    Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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