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Advice on getting custom modded stuff

  • so i got a few things custom made giveing to me and stuff happend to that member. He then started to dm me asking me to remove some things. one of the things were peds which are on a public domain. He just reskinned the peds and claiming he own the peds and skin under copyright law. We both live n the UK but sorely the copyright law on internet things are different as it on a public domain.

    He also gave us custom els and claiming he owns copyright on it. Can someone tell me where I stand n this situation? No contract was made sadly. also no readme in the files he sent

  • Public domain is exactly that: do whatever the fuck you want with it.

    IANAL though.

  • @rhys-fouracre Minute he modified anything it became his work and no longer falls into the public domain. He owns the works and holds the rights.

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