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Looking for cheetah replace

  • Does anyone know about any model which is made as cheetah replace please? I know I can replace model with any other, but I need any model which was made as cheetah replacement. :rolling_eyes:

  • I used this one. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ferrari-enzo

    Its a ok model and it makes a intresting cutscene in the mission "I fought the law".

    You can get a handling pack for it too I just forget where.

  • @TRDOffroad97 that mission is reason why I'm looking for it :D this one is yet best fitting but it's still not perfect fit the cutscene, coz it's a bit high so when that guy or T touch the roof, their hands are under the roof :( btw are the doors opening for you during the cutscenes in this mission? :thinking:

  • @ArmaniAdnr how ironic I did the same thing awhile back for some fun. if memory serves me right the door does this very weird animation during the gas station cut scene. This was several verisons ago but if you want I can check again quickly tonight (have to test something else with the game latet on)

    Basically to my understanding animations for cutscenes are pre-set so you cannot change them. But for the chase scene, thats where the Enzo shines :)

    I loved Michael and Trevor pulling over a maserati Granturismo (pained it black as Franklin) , a Koenigsegg CCX and that Enzo

  • @TRDOffroad97 yep animations for cutscenes are pre sets which can be changed but we don't know yet how to do it :see_no_evil: we find out the way to unlock and edit the cutscenes but still can't get them work once put this edited files back :/ and that's the problem by high of the cars, enzo fit cheetah and CCX fit entity but doors are not opening on any of them, but once I put CCX for cheetah, doors was working good but the high is wrong coz entity is set up higher than cheetah :crying_cat_face:

    I'm using Jaguar XKR-S GT as Franklins car and should be CCX and Enzo, but have to fix that doors animation somehow :grimacing:

  • @ArmaniAdnr hmmm very intresting problem. Can't wait for the day animations can be changed.

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