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.YDR texture ain't loading in game.

  • Hey everyone. I recently replaced a ydr object to add a building in the game, (so what I did is. I exported an existing ydr to
    open format, added a 3d object with 3ds max and gims evo, embedded the textures to the added object, exported It
    back, then replaced the old ydr with the new one.)

    So in the OpeniV model viewer it shows the right texture0_1573414393453_upload-142e8b02-af6f-487d-8f09-54e2e995f8e6 But when I load my game it is just white.0_1573414603207_upload-fed4f296-73cd-4ded-9eb1-4cda0abb0d61 Does anyone know why my texture isn't loading in game and how to fix it?

  • Ok so after 8 hours I figured it out. What I did wrong is that I used blender to model it and to uv unwrap it. And in blender I gave it an image texture that was with a standart aspect ratio blender gives (not sure wich). You need to have a width and height multiple of four. So I needed to make a new file with supported resolution (in my case 1024 on 1024) and rescale it.
    This is a problem on wich I couldt find any solution to on the web. So anyone with the same problem, here you go

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