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[HELP] Codewalker modder needed!!!

  • I tried removing this stuff to no avail. If anyone knows how to remove this stuff please let know or do it and send me the completed files and tell me where to put them thanks. this one I just need all the bushes,metal fence, yellow barriers and just make the whole parking lot clear.](0_1573538173298_20191111211108_1.jpg This one pretty much the same stuff fence, trash bins, security hut, trash on the ground bushes, posts. I just need a clear parking lot.0_1573538286355_20191111211144_1.jpg If anyone has the spare time or could teach me how to use codewalker to do this PM and I will give you my discord. Thanks!


    if you’re still needing help i can give it a shot tomorrow, i’m still learning codewalker but i’ll give it a try for you

  • I will just give you tips , it's a bit easy but we know that codewalker takes time to master of using it . .now you take note first that these object entities are placed in the World by a placement file called .ymap so they can be removed or transfer or be multiplied by editing their ymap files ..

    by pressing letter T in codewalker there appear the toolbar ( now you can play and experiment how to use these tools therein).

    now you can start editing( you can remove these objects by deleting their entries in its ymap file ) ., after all finishing edits save the ymap file you edited then you can put them in the custom_maps dlc mod. If it's not totally working , then makeup a backup of the original .ymap file then replace it with the one you edited.

    for example :
    hw1_01_long_0.ymap -- you can locate this file through search everywhere in search bar or by pressing the selection info window button(toolbar) then go to ymap at the very bottom and then click rpfFileEntry there you can see

    Resource file: x64j.rpf\levels\gta5_citye\hollywood_01\hollywood_metadata.rpf\hw1_01_long_0.ymap

    now you know where it is located then its time to replace. .

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