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[SCRIPT] Sticky Bomb Sticking on peds / projectile ignore 'noRagdoll'

  • HI friends ,
    I wonder if somone could make a small C script that would make Sticky bomb stick to peds ?
    it would make me happy !
    (i made a sticky projectiles gun but cant stick to normal peds, it would be cool , it sticks to wall and vehicules tho! )

    And what would make me happyer is : The projectiles to affect the peds who have no-ragdoll activated...
    why ?
    cuz of JulioNIB's super heroes Scripts can't be hit by projectiles ( missile , rpg , rocket )
    im making like 5 differents laser guns with the Snowball/flareFX for my personal fun, But must be a projectiles to have the animations..
    I would like them to react like a bullets, so they would get hit , without canceling the resistance to dmg and knockback.

    im willing to pay if needed .

  • This post is deleted!

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