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GTA Not launching (code 7002.1)

  • Hi everyone !
    When i'm to launch GTA, the launcher load and when he finish to load,he's leave out (for the moment there is no problem) and after nothing happened. The error message say it's a problems of drives or sound card but I got my drivers upload, the latest Windows Maj and I don't touch the soundcard. I try to contact the Rockstar Support but there are tooooo lazy (I'm waiting since one week)

  • 😂 sorry 😂 update your game and luncher 😉 ofcorse if this happen offline i have this same rockstar tell me how fix this
    Kick your mods folder / scripthook etc
    Update luncher / game
    Delete local luncher profile
    After update login to updated luncher and start your gta without mods after this give mods 😉
    Have hope this Fix work for you 😉

  • same problem but as it turns out to fix the error you have to sign out and sign back in. Hope that helps! :-D

  • Hello, this might be issue of your Rockstar Games launcher try clearing the data of the launcher and sign in once again, if you have steam copy then try logging on both platforms (Rockstar Games Launcher and Steam) at same time. This might solve your issue.
    One of another problems might be your antivirus causing the error try whitelisting Rockstar Games launcher and GTAV/GTA5.
    For epic games here is the solution: https://techliq.com/7002-1-error-gtav/ or try this https://techliq.com/rockstar-games-launcher-authentication-ticket-issue-fixed/

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