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How to stop Objects spawning in GTAV....

  • Hey all, I've put together some decent maps but constantly have to clear away spawned objects like random vehicles, furniture and other junk. Is there a way to stop those things spawning in a specific area on the map? Thanks....

  • You can prevent peds and vehicles from spawning simply by turning the "Reduce ped / vehicle population" option in Menyoo. As far as furniture, garbage and plants are concerned, I'm afraid this can only be made through Code Walker or something like that.

  • @TheMurderousCricket, Hey thanks for the tip! I usually use a trainer to ditch peds and vehicles when I'm building. Sometimes getting rid of selectable spawned objects with menyoo and then using Simple Trainer's 'save ini' function keeps them away upon returning to the area. Most times it doesn't work as GTA is insistant on spawning all that crap. I took a look at Codewalker and that looks like it might be what I need.

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