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Why every graphic mod make night too dark?

  • All around graphic mod make every night too dark can't see anything, are the author test to play before release or just fun to see screenshot?

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  • @xxeennxxeeii47
    It's just preference, if you have your headlight distance etc increased in 'visualsettings.dat' then dark nights ain't too bad.

    These are my 'visualsettings.dat' headlight settings for comparison:


    car.headlights.angle	0.03
    car.headlights.split	0.0
    car.headlights.global.HeadlightIntensityMult	1.5
    car.headlights.global.HeadlightDistMult	0.9
    car.headlights.global.ConeInnerAngleMod	0.4
    car.headlights.global.ConeOuterAngleMod	0.37
    car.headlights.global.OnlyOneLightMod	1.0
    car.headlights.global.Fake2LightsAngleMod	0.94
    car.headlights.global.Fake2LightsDisplacementMod	0.17
    car.headlights.submarine.Fake2LightsAngleMod 0.830
    car.headlights.submarine.Fake2LightsDisplacementMod	0.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.IntensityMult	1.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.DistMult	1.5
    car.headlights.fullbeam.CoronaIntensityMult	2.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.CoronaSizeMult	2.0
    car.headlights.aim.fullbeam.mod	-0.10
    car.headlights.aim.dippedbeam.mod	-0.11
    car.headlights.aim.fullbeam.angle	-0.15
    car.headlights.aim.dipeedbeam.angle	0.7
    car.headlights.aim.dippedbeam.angle	0.7
    car.headlights.player.intensitymult	3.6
    car.headlights.player.distmult	8.0
    car.headlights.player.exponentmult	4.0


    If you want to brighten the nights in your timecycle files ('w_foggy.xml', 'w_clear.xml' etc) these are the values you can do it most easily with:

    • <postfx_exposure> - Overall darkness (lower value)/brightness(raise value) within the 'postfx_exposure_min' & 'postfx_exposure_max' limits.
    • <postfx_exposure_min> - Maximum darkness limit. What is the darkest exposure the game is allowed to use (usually negative (-) ).
    • <postfx_exposure_max> - Maximum brightness limit. What is the brightest exposure the game is allowed to use.

    Example (ignore the exact values, copied from NVR):

          <postfx_exposure> 1.5293 1.5293 1.5293 1.0000 0.0000 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 0.0000 1.0000 1.5293 1.5293 1.5293</postfx_exposure>
          <postfx_exposure_min> -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000</postfx_exposure_min>
          <postfx_exposure_max> 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000</postfx_exposure_max>

    Lower any of the values = Darker
    Raise any of the values = Brighter

    Basically, you raise the 1st & last (13th) values in the line slightly to brighten up 22:00pm>04:00am (ie night-time).
    Try raising '<postfx_exposure>' about +0.5000 in the 1st (00:00>~05:00) & 13th (22:00>00:00) columns & see where that gets you? That's the one most likely to give you what you want without disrupting the look of the game & not having to edit a heap of different values. :thumbsup:

  • I kind of like it. Because the vanilla night is, on the contrary, ridiculously bright.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Really really thank you i love you answer, but can you please made somemod from VisualV to fix this?,
    VisualV has a problem too dark you can see my SS here,



    You can see the light is very bright and it too dark.

  • The value of "postfx" i seach from VisualV is same value as original, so this value not control the night, you got any other idea.

  • @xxeennxxeeii47 was you ever outside during the night in real life bro? :grin: most of graphic mods are made to look like in real life and in real life in dark night without street lights you see almost nothing, so you have to use the flashlight and the same it's in the game with these mods, just you flashlight (:
    you can use aswell for example extra street lights

  • I know but night story mission i can't see anything but original can play story with enjoyable night

  • @xxeennxxeeii47
    I just tested out the latest VisualV in my game & the night brightness is like this:

    VisualV Night Brightness 01

    I have a darker toned Reshade/SweetFX with HDR on that too, so the original is brighter than that pic. Doesn't seem overly dark though.

    Running any Reshade/SweetFX/ENB that might be darkening your nights?
    In-game Settings > Display > Brightness at maximum?

    If you're not running the latest VisualV (1.0.480), which version are you running?

  • wow look very nice i use VisualV lastest version only, not use any other mod but my brightness is only half i will try to set it to max, thank for reply

  • @xxeennxxeeii47
    No probs :thumbsup:
    If you happen to prefer the look of the day brightness at 50% but the night brightness at 100% (for example) & want both of them together on one Brightness setting, the 'postfx_exposure' settings I mentioned earlier can be used to either, increase the night brightness, or decrease the day brightness, so you get the best of both. :thumbsup:
    The 'postfx_exposure' values are essentially a brightness control with a minimum ('postfx_exposure_min' = darkest allowed) & maximum ('postfx_exposure_max' = brightest allowed) level limits range. Very flexible & easy to use.
    If you choose this, or a similar path, comparing screenshots to find the right 'postfx_exposure' values to set & brightening the night (2 values to change) rather than darkening the daytime (11 values to change) will be a good way to go about it :thumbsup:

  • I don't understand about time

    1.5293 1.5293 1.5293 1.0000 0.0000 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 0.0000 1.0000 1.5293 1.5293 1.5293

    There have 13 value so how can i know when which one set brightness?

    first is when second is when please give me a time.

  • @xxeennxxeeii47
    The 1st & 13th values are night time (22:00>04:00 (technically ends 04:59.59 (~5am))).

    Basically, all the timecycle time values are like this:

    		Number            01     02     03     04     05     06     07     08     09     10     11     12     13
    		Time              00:00  05:00  06:00  07:00  08:00  09:00  13:00  17:00  18:00  19:00  20:00  21:00  22:00
    		<postfx_exposure> 1.5293 1.5293 1.5293 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 1.5293 1.5293 1.5293</postfx_exposure>
    		<postfx_exposure_min> -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000 -3.5000</postfx_exposure_min>
    		<postfx_exposure_max> 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000 5.0000</postfx_exposure_max>

    The influence of values set in any one column actually begin in the previous column & then grow to their exact values at the time in the 'Time' line.
    You'll see them begin to have a big effect about 15mins before that time (although certain times vary, 05:00 for example has a much further apparent influence in the previous hour (more like 04:01 > 05:00) due to the dramatic change from night to daylight).

    Here's the VisualV 1.0.480 timecycle weathers with only the night '<postfx_exposure>' raised slightly. Try them out if you like :thumbsup: Make backups of your files etc

  • Really really really thank you thank you and love you so much for this, about 100% brightness it have a problem with a phone,
    phone screen brightness look weird they too brightness for first-person view, i need to decrease brightness it a little for phone.

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