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[MAP] - Palm City (NFS Heat)

  • Hey everyone I was thinking what if it were possible to use Palm City from the new Need For Speed. It’s probably the closest thing at the moment we will get to a modern day Vice City and while I do like playing Heat. the map is very dull in the sense of lack of traffic and no peds. I’m new to all this but willing to learn and maybe get us all a sweet map to play on

  • @ess125 Should be cool but I don't think it would be possible... :thinking:

  • @BenMcCall Damn! I really hope it is do-able, I’ve been playing heat and quite like the map, I just feel like it would be so much better using that map in GTA instead. I’m still trying to look into how to rip maps from games. I know for sure that part is possible

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