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Addonpeds: "not found in Peds.rpf

  • Hello, so recently I got back into GTA modding and wanted to use Addonpeds, I installed it and it pops up and everything but when I try to load the models it says they're not found e.g. "Joker was not found in Peds.rpf" would like some insight to this, Thanks

  • @Schembo ,Joker is a streamed ped. The installation is a bit different. You must create a folder with the name of the ped and put all the files inside it,except 2 files that must be outside the folder ( Joker.YMT & Joker.YFT ). Then with the addonpeds editor, you should make sure to place this ped as "TRUE " in the Streamed option,next press "Rebuild" and done.-
    This pic is an example of another streamed Ped ,the aplied system is the same
    alt text

  • Fixed it but thanks anyway :)

  • GUys help i have julionib mods and even the arrowverse skins for it just load the model forever
    why is addonpeds doing this pls help?!

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