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[Handling.meta] Possible to disable the ability to reverse on planes?

  • Hey Guys! I'm currently playing with the handling.meta files; it looks like there's an issue (at least for planes) disabling the ability for the plane to reverse; As per the doc here:


    There's a way to do it in the handling flags, however, this isn't seeming to work for me

    Also, why are there only 7 flags, but 8 values in the document?

    If anyone knows the answer, I'd much appreciate it! :D

  • @Wetter42
    The digits are written from right to left like this:


    To switch ON the 'NO_REVERSE' flag in the 'handling.meta' 'strHandlingFlags' line change the 3rd digit from the right (of whatever is there originally) to a '2'.

    Say you have this originally:


    You would then change it to this:


    The zeroes ('0') are used to skip stuff you don't want just to get to higher digits & if you don't want any of the higher flags 'switched on' you can just miss those out on the left. So the line can have any number of digits up to a max of 8. :thumbsup:

    What plane are you editing? If you let me know I can check it out in my game & see if this flag works or not?
    I've never tested it & it may also have undesired consequences, as presumably, it deactivates 'FREEWHEEL_NO_GAS' & you kinda want that ON with a plane usually.

  • Haha thanks for the data agent smith...me n some peepz are workin on a flight sim server...the ones we are testin now are jet and miljet

  • @Wetter42
    Tested & confirmed the 'NO_REVERSE' flag works for the Miljet :thumbsup:

    Also confirmed if you use a '3' instead of a '1' or a '2':



    you can get 'FREEWHEEL_NO_GAS' = ON with an almost completely non-existent reverse.
    You can still technically reverse, it's not deactivated completely, but it's painfully slow, almost useless.

    Activating 'NO_REVERSE' just using a '2' does cause the deactivation of 'FREEWHEEL_NO_GAS' resulting in your plane stopping a lot faster (front wheels lock up braking on the Miljet without 'FREEWHEEL_NO_GAS') so the '3' trick might be useful to you as a workaround :thumbsup:.

  • Dude! You are a fucking genius!
    I love you for this one! I really appreciate your contribution to this site! :D

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