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Does anybody know how to disable the cell phones and/or computers?

  • If Redux '52 is a '50s overhaul, there won't be any tech, so it'll be disabled. How though?

    (will be optional)

  • @aidenpatrickPGH Do you know if the "Browse the internet on this computer" message is based on how close you are to a computer or simply where you are in the room? If it's based on how close you are, then a simple script that scans the immediate area for specific tech-models, which then moves them underground if you are close might work. You'd have to check for other things, like phone docks etc... and you'd have to make sure it did it while the object was out of sight.

    You could possibly disable the phone key, to stop that appearing unless another action that uses that control would override it. Not sure how you would prevent the game generating any messages that require you to respond though, like if you own the taxi company, they will sometimes call you to take a job.

    It would be easy to set up a test mod to test these... This is probably different enough to peak my interest, I might just have a look at this later. It's going to be about another 3 or 4 hours before I do so though.

    Edit: After just setting up a project, it occurred to me just how much would be involved with this... I think there is more tech in the game than you could realistically get rid of. You'd need to find a way of stopping the other Peds from using their phones for instance and I don't know if that would be possible. I'll have a better look later but I think this might just be a bit beyond a simple modding job.

  • what is redux '52? I haven't sen anything about it.
    Edit nvm saw your post

  • IIRC there is a function to stop the phone script ("phone_controller" I think). Not sure about disabling computers though! Maybe scan the area for certain computer props and remove them.

  • @stillhere Yeah, removing the computers was the idea I had, but after giving this some initial thought, I think the end result would be something that didn't feel consistently right. You'd also have dvd players, hifi equipment, wall mounted flatscreen TVs etc... to deal with. They'd all have to be removed or replaced.

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