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Dumping ground for all my AI path node research - crossthread

  • @eleventwentytooo
    Nice, that sounds promising :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    0_1575043568106_GTA5 2019-11-29 16-05-21-00.png
    Getting seriously peeeeeeeeeeeisssed off.

    At least 4 days wasted tryna get this God DamNed VeHiCLeS gOiNG fAST!!!

  • Check out what happends when you set
    <VehicleSpacing__Base value="*"/>
    To 1



  • @eleventwentytooo
    Nice :thumbsup:

    Just noticed ENT has a 'Forced Vehicle Speed' setting in:

    ENT Main Menu > 'World' > 'Area Effects' > 'Vehicles' > (tap right once) 'NPC Vehicles Forced Speed' (OFF, x1, x5, x10... etc. x30 is ~70>80mph if I remember right)

    It's unrefined & pretty basic (no braking, constant forced speed) but certainly works at speeding every vehicle up when you use it. Try it out :thumbsup:

    Would be useful to know how they are doing it. Might be informative & could lead to the possibility of a script giving you the functionality you want, if the game files don't present an alternative :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Contacted the developer and he told me about GET_VEHICLE_CLASS, so then I found out 0_1575160131990_upload-a26cf2e8-488d-4dc9-8c07-62e426d4db5f

    Which has https://pastebin.com/i2GGAjY0 - so someone out there should know where those numbers are stored currently and if we can script something. If not this mod risks being effortless. Come on programmers.


  • Few more hours of burning eyes and Notepad++ and this OIV will be done. :sweat_smile: :cold_sweat: :sweat_smile: :laughing: :rofl: :head_bandage:

  • Didn't even post the text I was going to, that's how I tired I am


  • Hey everyone have decided to just shoot myself instead. My brother will release Alpha 4 if he can do it he says


  • 0_1575421706160_upload-0b0dd53a-2ab0-46ad-9d0c-424c77cc1542

    1122's brother here
    All done
    RIP original mad man.

    Alpha 4 coming soon
    Praise Holy Father

  • @a63nt-5m1th (and everyone else) Running the game in 2.5x reso scale with graphics maxed up, taking shots and running tests.

    Soon, soon... strokes cat
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

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