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Re-Roading Project - 400 alphas and counting

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    @eleventwentytooo no no i meant use your mod with the vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta overwriting the one installed from the other mods.

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    Not long everyone. Working hard finetuning outside of CodeWalker. Making the final polishing touches...

    @QBit07 Ah I see sorry. In that case, absolutely! Re-Roading makes no work arounds at all. Every file is extremely well tested and ensured to be a direct copy from the base game.

    Those mods effect handling, and the AI curve point file. Though, Re-Roading installed last will of course provide the best experience.

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    @a63nt-5m1th @YardDart63 @Remix @dodgeboy121 @Typhoon @PsiBurner @Reacon

    Gather round, Children, for father is about to tell a story...

    Once upon a time in a land known as San... Andreas
    There where many vehicles of all different types
    From beater to street racer
    Truck to postal van
    to rust

    They all had 1 thing in common,
    they sucked shit balls in terms of speed. Okay enough typing like that, story goes on like this now

    Boom, 1122 came along (via God, thank you fam) and now shits difffffferennnnnttt damn it's different. Man it's so slick.

    Version 5 (fifth and final Alpha)
    After that, slight document addition and boooom
    Stable release tomorrow afternoon for possibly the 16th depending on how long I and the mods take.


    • :boom:

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    alt text

    Must.... keep.... testing!

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    The community really failed me. The programmers, the artists. Only 10 out of what should be a massive number of the GTA V modding scene showed continued interest and did what they could to help. What's that? 10 people sounds great?! No. Even back in the days of IVMP there was more Americans on at 4am than what come here a day.

    alt text Searched CSS divider image and this came up

    Anyway, thank you all so much. I've really enjoyed doing this project. I've been obsessed with game desing for so much of my ikkle young life. I used to create levels that would then be dressed in AI path nodes throughout - and I still remember when I was playing V about 40 days ago and I thought fuck this game and it's slow traffic I'm finally gonna do something about it. I haven't played the game properly since, testing and developing the entire time.

    This next release coming up will have a few spots that still cause vehicles to crash into the back of each other or miss traffic lights. How many spots are there that do this? Exactly 7 and I know where they are. I'll be able to sort them in a few days, got some of that serious real life medicine Holy Father has blessed us all with... to deal with.

    These spots are ONLY on hills. My new traffic system has a problem, along with the enhanced MP map brought to SP nodes, additonal ambient node duplications matching the world pefectly, speed zones and extremely varied, personality giving braking ranges...

    Here's the problem. AI use what you can think of as straight trajectory line as their casting view. They can see upwards from a base axis we'll refer to as 0, to about 5, they can see down about 12. The difference comes in the PC version of the game, no other. I am certain of this. We can make a whole conspiracy thread about why R* have the differing numbers, and how I think it's for age ratings and you can all laugh at me, but I'm the one who had to make a complex system of differently flagged nodes, via regex in regular old Notepad, creating awesome speed, and a defining gameplay mechanic, but at the expense of the AI still not being about to see up that extra touch. Yeah, big sentence.

    Okay, so here's the small version: Hills going down, they can see everything no matter the slope gradient. Hills going up at any high rate, such as Vinewood hills, problem. Blind spot. - Though I've covered that area. It's other hills in other locations that still need seeing to.

    Further notes -
    This isn't the last upload of the mod, but the final alpha. Alpha 5 is meant by me, to be featured on this site on the homepage. I think that if this was 2016, even alpha 1, which was awful, would of been featured. Times have changed and things are much more... refined. I have sent a letter to God via my mind that if this doesn't get featured so the masses can see it, download it, and report any tiny, tinnnny little bugs I left, I will kick my own personal computer. Just start kicking it in the morning.. if this hasn't been pinned. Yeah

    To those who I have spoken to in PM, a lot. Such as Agent smith and Psi, Dodgeboy, Reacon, Yardart and others. Sorry for not doing half the things I said I would in PM, such as sending stuff over to get opinions. Shits been ard. Real ard.

    Thank you guys though.

    Stupid final notes I can think of,

    Cass, the developer of World of Variety, is asking me to use the nodes, which is super cool as fuck. So that should be happening soon...

    The hills are super easy to fix, there's less than 10 broken spots. The entire fucking map has been convereted into new speed, if even ONE person complains about a hill. I will pray so fucking hard.

    Whilst developing I noticed that trainers like Menyoo and ENT and both their options for speed multipliers work great on AI. Not many people probably do this, but I have loved for a long time now, riding in vehicles as a passenger. It's amazing with speed mods, DriveModes FP camera, Menyoo weather and screen effects. A nice night time bus around the airport up to great ocean highway on one monitor is very relaxing. Ahh I love GTA.

    Can I think of anything else to say? No not really.
    Well,    this actually:
    I want this featured for 48 hours, then stable release, then final 48hr feature. And that's my payback for 45 days of clicking, typing, and cr... nevermind) - Stable release will only be slightly different, as those spots will be fixed. That's it, what you get after reading this, in a few hours, is basically it. That's it guys, I'm done.

    I've been hyping it up for a month, and this is pretty much it... nearly...!

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    Alpha 5

    @Reacon fellow decipel, inform the masses

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    What, no one cares anymore? Okay - I like my progress.

    Today, the developer of World of Variety told me he didn't want to include the flag SPORTS_CAR in every road vehicle, aka the second most important part of Re-Roading, to achieve max speed.

    In other words, WoV will not seem to ever have direct compatibility with Re-Roading. The downside for users of both mods, is that if you install WoV after RR, over half of vehicles loaded will be slow. And if you install Re-Roading second, you will lose liveries and popgroup edits.

    I tried. Wrote him walls of text. There's my thoughts on the fact. Anyway, onwards with fixing LSPDFR so I can get this Stable final out

    kshh LeeC you out there fam? Agent smith? Anyone!? I RE NODED SAN ANDREAS

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    @eleventwentytooo so why can't we just add the flag ourselves?

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    @QBit07 You can what do you mean?

  • @eleventwentytooo hey bro sorry i been away for a while my GTA is completely and utterly broken atm for the update.
    ill try to get it back soon so i can test your awesome mod's alpha 5

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    @dodgeboy121 I hope everything is okay. Rememeber it's Christmas soon dude
    Catch you tomorrow or whenever, thanks for checking in!

  • @eleventwentytooo
    I'm here :thumbsup:
    How do the WOV authors feel about you creating a patch?

    One way I can see to deal with WOV compatability pretty easily would be:

    • Open & extract the WOV '.oiv' installer using 7zip's 'Extract to...'
    • Then using Notepad++'s 'Replace' feature, first remove all 'FLAG_SPORTS' references in all the 'vehicles.meta' files in the WOV '.oiv' folder structure (to avoid duplicates in the next part)
    • & then use the 'Replace' feature again to add 'FLAG_SPORTS' to every vehicle.
    • zip up the folder structure & change the file extension to '.oiv'
    • Install.

    Would only take a few minutes, max. Maybe a few minutes more to remove all but the 'vehicles.meta' references from the 'assembly.xml' & edit the description etc (you'd only ever need to do the full file once, no need to re-edit for each release unless adding new dlc entries etc).
    Worst case, a tutorial could be created for users to do it themselves but as long as you don't mind monitoring WOV releases & providing patches, it's a pretty easy job even if you do it yourself :thumbsup:

    Any other issues with installing 'Re-Roading' first, then 'WOV' (& then a patch) in that order?

    I notice there is a 'nodes658.ynd' in the WOV installer that may or may not need to be addressed (you'll know more than I :thumbsup:):

    <archive path="update\update.rpf" createIfNotExist="false" type="RPF7">
    <archive path="x64\levels\gta5\paths.rpf" createIfNotExist="false" type="RPF7">
    <add source="nodes658.ynd">nodes658.ynd</add>

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    Absolutely -

    This and about 10 other ways are what me and the creator of WoV could be doing with our time right now. But he quite literally said "I've decided I don't want to take part". Poor community

    I mean, I'm fine, you're fine Agent Smithaz, me you and all the other veteran modders will know how to handle this, but it's tha masses that I wanted to deliever to. The "AI speed increase" mods out there amount to 400,000 downloads in 4 years. I've got 1000 in 45 days.... clearly not the same community any more. Do the maths 7z/47*+c39501 carry the one 12*\1>41% = not enough downloads.

    Will release LSPDFR header (to let all those police mod people enjoy too, they've waited long enough)
    then I'll include the newest DLC vehicles, because even though Cass doesn't care, I do and if anyone goes out of their way which they shouldn't have to, to add SPORTS_CAR, they'll see I've already done it. That way people who add the new vehicles to SP map spawn, can enjoy a 88MPH Sultan Classic

  • @eleventwentytooo absolutely man been kinda side tracked with Christmas coming up and gta5's new update's kinda a bummer. I may have a start all over. Never the less i see your mod is featured on the main page so that is promising, I'm glad you wont have to kick your computer. =P

  • Can we give the OP a medal for unfucking R*'s shitcode? I too, love me some better AI in this game.

    (as long it doesn't break Vulcar Pilot Assist VAutodrive/GTA: Knight Rider's Auto Cruise)

    EDIT: Do I really need those modded vehicles.meta files? I modded the ones on the police4 and ingot to high holy hell and I don't want to redo that again.

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    @Rstein Cheers bro appreciate it

    And for sure you can skip out on those 2 vehicles, even more. Though, bordering all the vehicles that peds drive around the city (especially with variety mods installed), the more you leave un-modified, the more speed enhanced vehicles there will be. You know how it is though man, you can pretty much Remove half those lines from the OIV assembly and that way when you install, your ones aren't overwritten.

    I've had a few comments now talking about how they lose all sorts of things, from livery to modded wheels. Things I've never messed with. But anyway, for sure you can feel safe replacing literally LOADS of vehicle metas with the ones you prefer, just be wary about too many NPC vehicles being affected

    Thanks again!

  • @eleventwentytooo Well considering I exclusively drive the Ingot, Ruiner, Fagaloa, Unmarked Cruiser and some addon vehicles, I guess i'll just remove the vehicles.meta for them and enjoy seeing faster cars in traffic, aside from the ones above.

    ..not that anyone would want to have a 300 mph police car in traffic lmao


    Is it not possible to stuff all vehicles inside the update.rpf vehicles.meta? It works for handling, so it might be worth a try for the other archives.

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    @ikt Once getting passed 3 megs, OpenIV refused to save the file with a "file in use" error. Contacted the guys over there and they said something about too many values being the same. I get what they meat. Somewhere the game is written to look for X in Y, but I'm over here taking everything and zedding it. Does that make sense?

    @dodgeboy121 Cheers man, will still kick my PC if LSPDFR's "path finder engine" doesn't get updated with my sliiiiiiight modification!

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    @dodgeboy121 @PsiBurner I've never laughed so much in my life
    alt text

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    'Cos of da R* launcher and V casino update, I was not able to achieve the correct bug finding results I wanted. I'm gonna do another Alpha. So ta-da, LSDPFR compatibility, enhanced braking distance, more roads slowed down.

    It's funny how when I started this project, the goal was to speed up roads one by one. After tons of amazing programmers coming to help over discord, I ended up working backwards and doing the first thing they teach you...

    Reversing the sum. I'm now simply finding a few, out of many, many roads, and slowing them down, as opposed to the opposite. Brilliant.

    Alpha 5.5

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    @Reacon I thought you had my back on this project?!?!0_1576894662167_upload-ec8cac5f-7183-4af6-8f1c-c8fb9c5333a5

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    And why does someone keep removing the tags I set?! It does configure peds for Christ's balls sake!

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