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Re-Roading Project - 400 alphas and counting

  • Banned

    @dodgeboy121 @PsiBurner @a63nt-5m1th @ikt @Remix @meimeiriver

    Fellow children, story time again. But it's a short one...

    In 2015 I made an account on this website, and was banned in 2018 for copying and pasting a comment that told me to eat shit and die, saying it straight back to someone.

    In 2019 I made an account here with the sole intention of releasing Re-Roading. I got 2000 downloads, 35 reviews, 150 likes, and got featured for a few days. Today Re-Roading got poo'd on for me having "MULIPLE ACCOUNTS". You heard it first here peope, AS disorders are in full force! Oh well, there's always LCPDFR.com...

    Sorry everyone.
    I serioulsy am sorry to all the 400 people commenting, the guys who made me screenshots, tutorials, lua scripts, VIDEOS, Codewalker custom compiles. Unfortunately the masses will not find Re-Roading here it seems. Not the end of the world at all, but a shame

    alt text
    oops, detected*

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    @administrators @Global-Moderators @alloc8or What's going on? I was featured 2 hours ago for 3 days lol



    Oh, hi "IntaglacticBombardier". Do you remember me? I do remember you and I know that you remember me aswell, but your memory seems to be defectuous.

    I have some things to correct you here about your previous account (and some others about your current drama), the one that you say that was banned in 2018 for "copying and pasting a comment that told me to eat shit and die, saying it straight back to someone.".
    1.- It wasn't banned in 2018, was the "July 31, 2019, 13:07" to be exact.
    2.- The reason of the ban (which I did :)) was and is "Insulting". The note that I wrote on your banned profile back then was "Told me "Chill you piece of shit" after my following comment: - "@IntaglaticBombardier Moderate your language. I've deleted many comments from you already being disrespectful against others and/or rating mods unfairly."" I did note that on your banned account profile back then because I knew that you could come back someday with a new one. I'm thankful with the Administrators of the site for implementing the notes system, is really useful as you can see ;). So no, it wasn't because of you replying to another user "eat shit and die yourself".
    3.- As I believe that you will try to explain somehow that I "lie", I'm posting the following screenshot as a proof of what I say for the whole community to see it and know who are you really: Imgur

    I think that I can even recover the exact comment that I deleted back then from your other account since we as moderators have all our moderation actions registered on the bottom of our profiles for administrators and us to check whenever we need.

    Now, about your Re-Roading mod project and the conflict between you and the author of the Uninstaller of the same, I have to say the following:
    1.- Is true that the author of the uninstaller used your original mod OIV file and one of your screenshots as an icon to create the uninstaller process, and that's why we asked first to him to use a new one created by him. Even if the content of the OIV is the same (paths, structure, etc (which is obvious because is an uninstall process...), you were complaining about the MD5 hash and that was fixed already many hours ago.
    2.- You were complaining about the name of the uninstaller because it contained the "Re-Roading" term which is kind of logic but dumb at the same time. How will the users know that the uninstaller was made for your mod if he/she doesn't use to original mod name as base of the title? Also, you don't own the "Re-Roading" name copyright, GTA5-Mods.com page owners do. You could notice this if you read the site Terms of Use.
    3.- Finally, you still were not happy and ended having an useless discussion with @Reacon where you, after some comments between you both ended saying comments like the following one:

    Then, after you being offensive and rude against him and talking it with Reacon, we've decided that the best solution was to remove the Uninstaller upload and the original mod (aka yours) aswell. This way we all won, you had the uninstaller removed (happy for you) and we had your upload removed aswell. There's no way for you to complain about someone uploading in 5Mods something for your mod that you didn't release yet if there's not your mod :ok_hand_tone5:

    Which is your complaint now SIR? If you don't like 5Mods and the impartial moderation that we do apply here, go somewhere else and don't register multiple accounts :ok:

    Oh and I forget something... Now that you mention it, an LCPDFR.com moderator sent us before a report about you being the same as you show us here these days. Looks like they don't like you there either:
    alt text

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    @Reyser yo das a pretty big wall of text. All my walls of text were about implementation of advanced braking mechanics and speed increases, all yours are this sorta shit.

    Sorry to all the community members out there, of which I only managed to reach 2000 with on this site. Real shame people like this... do things like this. Re-Roading will continue though, that's no biggie. I like listening to music and making nodes. Sort of. Well it's sent me crazy but I actually remember the moment I snapped whilst playing V, thinking fuck this it's just too slow. I'm doing something about it. Here we are 2 months later, and only 20-30 roads left to fix, amazing

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    Wipe all this. From my first post to this post, on both forums and main site. God almighty told me you peasents don't get my wizdon.

    You betrayed da V modding community, admin fools

  • Banned

    I tried though people. If there's anyone reading this, I tried. I PM'd 3 different admins and asked them to have my back on this. They all just been trained to sniff after each other it's in their nature.

    Re-Roading Alpha 5.6 up now via Github cheers

  • Banned

    And also for the record, that's it. I remember. Someone of ivpack comments said "Chill you piece of shit" and I said something to them that I can't remember, and you told me to "Stop" and deleted my comment, and left theirs. So I said the exact same thing, copy paste, to you to see if you like it.

    Btw your English is petty nad

  • Banned

    Put Re-Roading back ya facking idiots PURE FUCKING IDIOTS! People are contacting me already, this is a hugely desired mod read the comments ahaha


    topic locked


    Thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for having some fun with us before getting banned for the 3rd time in a year. This topic will remain visible as part of your hard work to put yourself in evidence.


    The 5Mods Staff team.

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