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AMD RX5700 and ENB issues

  • No mather how i do, any ENB i try to use, the screen looks "burned" like burned paper or it becomes completely white or rainbow colors all over the screen. I have a completely fresh install (no mods what so ever) and tried PRSA, VisualV's ENB, NaturalVisions ENB, its the same result.
    I have reinstalled the game including rockstar launcher and removing Rockstar Games folder from Documents. The dll. files from the newest ENB are not blocked ( i have also tried older version of ENB, only adding d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll , even tried adding the whole package). I have disabled steam overlay and AMD gaming profile without any luck.

    I have a Rx 5700 GPU. Im worried that its the graphics driver for the card, in that case i cant do anything about it except try older drivers but that will probably be the same result.

    Anyone? Anyone at all got a suggestion? Here is how it looks:


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  • @CameraMan had the same when scaling option in advanced graphic options was enabled. disable it and put enb back in should work


    you’re pretty good with enb stuff @a63nt-5m1th you got any ideas?

  • it should be what i said earlier
    got the information from prsa
    "Disable the frame scaling advanced option and use a game's post-processing
    option set at least to VeryHigh, else the ENB dll won't be able to work. "
    my game looked the same when i started it with enb and scaling

  • I do not have the frame scaling option enabled... I disabled Ambient Occlusion in ENB and the problem was gone. But when i try to use an ENB without Ambient Occlusion, the problem is still there, very wierd... Im still trying tho...

  • @CameraMan
    This would be my best guess.
    Other posts here & here.
    Looks like you're not the only one having those issues using ENB on a RX 5700 unfortunately.

    Some ENB settings might work. If you want to continue to use it you'll have to figure out what's broken & what's not by switching each effect OFF & testing the result.

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