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  • A Dealing mod.

    Change Log

    • Moved all save data to an XML file and out of the INI file, All XML's moved to their own folder to tidy things up. This will mean your old data is lost unless you edit the xml yourself and move your old Weapons.xml into the new folder.
      -Police officers will no longer be marked as your killer.
      -Fixed dealer not having any drugs when first installed.


    • Potential fix for people with the month out of range error.


    • Fixed Vehicle stash menus.


    • Fixed Vehicle menu properly :/ The chance of getting a delivery job is quite high right now. This is for testing to see if the spawns are good.


    • You can now store weapons in your storage vehicle. Make sure you copy over the new Vehicle weapons xml.
    • You will no longer receive drop offers unless the dealer likes you. This is when his money is above 50000.
    • A number of misc fixes to UI prompts.


    • Your killer will now gain your weapons. Currently will only drop what they have equipped and should attack you on sight, he will also gain full armour and select the best weapon he gains.
    • Fixed a bug i introduced in 0.1f with the Storage vehicle blip.
    • Random 'drop' customers should no longer spawn in the middle of highways and the ped model is now randomized based on the area you are in.


    • Fixed Storage vehicle being de-spawned while driving it (this was an attempt to unload the vehicle from the word when the player gets far away) should work properly now.
    • Fixed Storage vehicle blip again.


    • Animals can no longer be marked as your killer (i had a dog carrying around a gun after killing me)
    • Removed some debug stuff i had possibly left in place concerning the storage vehicle.


    • Group members can no longer be chosen as a customer, this will stop bodyguards wanting to buy, and then being removed from the group after purchasing from you.
    • Bag will be removed on first load if player has a bag, was possible to be stuck carrying bag after a crash.
    • Fixed a typo that caused the vehicle storage to stop working.
    • I left in my debug UI element, forgot to disable it before uploading, will be removed on next upload.


    • Fixed player speed not being adjusted properly, You will now run slightly slower when carrying the bag. Very small, max player speed being 7 meters/ps, reduced this down to 6 meters/ps, bag is placed on the player if he is carrying more than 5oz.
    • Fixed Crack value not showing correctly in vehicle storage.
    • Customers will now talk a little more.
    • Forgot the take out the debug ui again. Next update will have ini setting to turn stuff like this off.


    • Customers who were the driver of a vehicle should always return to their vehicle and drive away.
    • Added option in INI for disabling any debug stuff i left in by accident. You do not need to update your INI unless you want to turn this stuff on, its useless information for my uses only (no entry in INI will turn it off by default). In which case take a look at the new entry in the supplied INI.


    • Added multiplier to Stash House and Vehicle Menus.


    • Fixed a bug that would cause police to confiscate your money and weapons even if you didn't have drugs in your possession.
    • If arrested or killed while wanted and your storage vehicle has been identified its inventory will count towards the players total drugs carried. This means when arrested and the player is not carrying drugs but the storage vehicle is you will still get your money and weapons confiscated.


    • Fixed player being marked as you're killer.
    • You will get 1 star if you are near police while handing over drugs currently 30m.
    • increased the rate at which the dealers weed stock decreases from -1 a day to -10.
    • Added all the relevant dealer information to the ui, if you would like to see this in the case there is some funky stuff going on then enable debug in the options category in the ini. Its messy but functional.


    • Fixed police being alerted when you make a deal when no police are around (i messed this up completely) and reduced there range to 25m.
    • Changed the way the timer works for selecting peds for customers.
    • Fixed switching between characters main game characters from stopping everything working maybe.
    • Added a limit for the player dept, you can spend past this but it will not increase. This is for future use when this limit is reached Zee will be marked as angry. Currently does nothing. Yet! :gun:

    0.1q [unreleased]

    • Dealer stock save data was not refreshing when his stock reduced each day.
    • Police will need to be closer to spot you dealing if you are in a vehicle.
    • Slight increase to the chance of getting a customer.
    • Added auto update for xml for reworking of the dealer, the dealer will now be a gang consisting of members.
    • Re wrote the dealer class, it is now a gang. Consisting of a leader, a lieutenant and 2 goons. Added interest rates, Rep, and a "Payday" which is the day the gang requires a payment towards any debt owed.
    • When ringing a gang, the amount of members and what members come see you is dependent on your debt and rep.
    • Lots of under the hood tweaks and cleaning up to enable faster expansion later down the line.

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