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[VEHICLE] Wiegert Vector W2

  • Gentlemen/-ladies:
    If there is ONE! Supercar made in the history of mankind, it would be the Wiegert Vector W2 Prototype.
    Build in 1973, this beast had no less than a mid-engine Twin Turbo Chevy V8 with a torque of nearly 600Nm at 4800rpm.
    This machine, which held a ton of Fighter Jet Technologies, had a speed of 380 kph or 236 mph, and had only 4.3 seconds to go from 0 to 60MPh, and 7.6 seconds to 100Mph, and did the Quarter Mile in a baffling 11 seconds!
    Do understand, that this is the year of the '73 Dodge Charger, Triumph Spitfire, and the Mercury Cougar, to name just a few cars, or the Detomaso Panthera, the silly stupid Porsche 911 Carrera and Maserati Bora 4700.
    Of the three last cars, a comparison of the best (most powerful, read) car of the above three: ... or no... I'll do all three, why not:

    Maserati Bora 4700 '73:
    Top speed (-pH): 270K/168M
    0-60: 6.2
    Quarter Mile Time (QMT): Not Found**

    Detomaso Panthera '73
    Torque: 466Nm/5900RPM
    Top Speed (-pH): 260K/162M
    0-60: 5.5sec
    QMT: 13.3sec*

    The rediculous silly Porsche 911 Carrera '73:
    Torque: 219Nm at 5100rpm
    Top Speed (-pH): 244K/152M
    0-60: 8sec
    0-100: 11.6sec
    QMT: 16sec

    *Detomaso Panthera's Quarter Mile Time is a simulated time, don't ask me why.
    **The Bora '73 Quarter Mile Time was not found, but the 1990 was 5.2 sec.

    All above data comes from sites like Wiki and the lot.
    If they made a mistake, then I did as well.

    Now two super cars from that same era: The Lambo Muira '73, and the '74 Countach:
    The '73 Lambo Muira:
    Torque: 398Nm at 5500RPM
    Top Speed (pH): 285K/177M
    0-60: 4.8sec
    0-100: 8.6sec
    QMT: 13.90

    The '74 Countach:
    Torque: 365 at 5000RPM
    Top Speed (-pH): 316 K/196M
    0-60: 5.60sec
    0-100: 9.4sec
    QMT: 14.40sec

    W2 '73 (prototype)
    Torque: 580 Nm at 4800 rpm
    Top Speed (-pH): 381.33K/237M
    0-60: 4sec
    0-100: 7.6sec
    QMT: 11sec

    If one is honest, one could see, this monster of a mechanical and technological beast was FAR ahead of his brothers and sisters of that era.
    And the looks, even now, could be considered "futuristic".

    Pictures - Bolide:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    W8 (Later version, same bolide):
    alt text

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • It would be cool, I have seen and sat in the w8 (the later version). Problem is i am not sure where you would find the game model as i have not seen it on the usual sites.

  • True, it's an elusive one (read: strongly overlooked one) for sure.
    Heck, I even doubt, there IS a model out there.
    Makes things quite difficult, right?
    Thought: could you use the base of say the Countach, and alter it?
    There are not that far apart, looks wise...?

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