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Lots of missing blips, including mission blips

  • I’ve got no idea how to proceed in the main story as there are no mission blips. I also can’t see clothing store blips, Los Santos Customs blips, Ammu-Nation blips, and more. Pretty much the only blips I’m seeing are modded blips. The game has a hard-coded blip limit, and I have a lot of blips on the map thanks to not Open All Interiors as that’s not installed but thanks to mods such as Home Invasion and Single Player Garage Reloaded.

    I’ve tried NoMoreMissingBlips, but that doesn’t work. There’s also No More Disappearing Blips, but judging from the comments, that mod doesn’t work either and causes crashes and other issues.

    I tried manually setting RADAR_BLIPS in gameconfig.xml to a higher value but to no avail.

    Is there any way I can make the blip limit higher or otherwise fix this problem so that I can proceed in the story mode without having to outright delete the mods that add a lot of blips?

  • @Dimentive those mods load the online map. story doesnt work with online maps enabled. i guess you have to delete them to proceed story

  • @MaxLuk Well, that sucks. It’s hard to believe there are so many mods that add so many blips but no one has thought up a way to fix the blips disappearing issue.

  • This is the only thing preventing me from playing modded GTA V. If anyone has a solution to this, that would be greatly appreciated!

  • @Dimentive - Sorry man, but I think @MaxLuk is right. Online map and especially "Open All Interiors" just don't sit well with the story mode. A warning like that is in the descriptions too.

    Maybe just switch between them when needed? I do it with OAI - paste-out, paste-in.

  • The issue is simply blip related, not map itself

  • I don’t get what you’re talking about regarding the “Online” map. What mods load the Online map? Single Player Garage and Home Invasion? I’m not using Open All Interiors. And what is the Online map anyway? Why would they load the map from GTA Online?

    From my understanding, the reason why mods like Single Player Garage, Home Invasion, and Open All Interiors remove other blips from the map is simply that they add so many blips to the map, and the game has a hard-coded blip limit, so if that limit could be heightened, my problem would go away, unless I’m mistaken.

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