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[VEHICLE][WIP] Citroën DS "Break" ("Safari","Station Wagon") 1958-1975

  • break1

    Last Christmas I made a Citroen DS ... I'll try it again this year, a station wagon version of this car ("Break").


    All credits to "Iksr" who provided me this model. It was last winter, but so far I have avoided trying to convert this model because I was "afraid" of the number of polygons.
    It's a high polygon model, in quads it is over 560k, means after converting in triangles over a million. The model has no engine, and there are holes between the outer and inner parts- means needs more polygons. Lots of work :)
    I hope I can make it...at least for "Happy New Year"

  • Really awesome! Looking forward to its progress.

  • @NajPotez Exciting, wating for it. It has too much polys, isn,t it?
    Thanks in advance

  • @iksr Yes, it has:) And it is in quads, it doubles after conversion in triangles. But, step by step, I will make something of it.

  • @iksr Here are first (artistic) ingame screenshots

  • @NajPotez it seems beautiful

  • @iksr In my country nickname for Citroen DS was "Shark" ("Ajkula") - "El Tiburón". That is why I took first snapshots there :)

  • @NajPotez :laughing: ah ok!! It had the same nickname in Spain, tiburon/ ajkula, but it wasn,t made here. The ds and Id was a very expensive car at that time, and all the units were imported from France. The SHARK. Nowadays Specifically the DS Break is one of the most coveted car in the classic market, and it prize could reach the 40000 €

  • Wow, stunning! It will get its original stock wheels right?

  • @inbetweendays_ Yes, wheels on the pics are Regina's... I will change it later

  • I patched the holes and made "some kind" of engine. It's not quite the same as the original, but it will be good enough for most users. I have included parts of the hydraulic system (too bad I can't make the system work). I might come back to improve it later (if some time remains). Tell me what you think. Is it good enaugh?
    Well, now I have even more polygons :) , time to weld something...

  • @NajPotez it,s good. It reminds the engine of my father,s BX, with the hydraulic system sphere

  • This needs some cool spongy handling file. Ask GreenAid if he likes to do it. He do very good jobs on handling.

    EDIT: Why do you can't make the hydraulic system to work? We have it since a few updates.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    Oh... I know about bouncing - dancing cars, but I meant of the real features of this car to rise-up when the engine starts and to go back lower after stopping...is that possible?

  • @NajPotez Why don't you checkout the updates? Spawn the hermes

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Well, making the mods doesn't leave me much time... I am old, slow and late.
    But I have you :) Thanks for your tips. It has helped me a lot. BTW I have checked "Vulcar Fagaloa", and my trunk works perfectly (see video). I will see if "Hermes" can help me too. Herzlichen Dank!

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman There is a flag in "vehicles.meta" :
    but I don't see it changes anything.

  • ooo its a DS with a better nose, that I was moaning about last year! :D and a break, great job!:) I understand, that its a lot of work, but its beautiful ;) next year youll have just the "presidentielle" left :D :D

  • @Arthur-Dent Oooo ... long time no see...I expected your reaction for this car :). Yes, this is much much better model, but too many polygons. Just the roof trunk itself, for example, has over 100k polygons. I prefer improving the models with creating - then this (long boring welding)... but I will do the job, I hope.

  • @NajPotez Also check handling file entrys
    If you simply apply the hermes handling to you car, you should see if the handling file contains something that makes it to work. What i see is suspension lower limt is - minus. Could be one reason

  • @NajPotez yeah Im stuggling with some health issues lately, so I apologise in advance for not beeing super responsive... but when I saw a DS I just had to write something:) I uderstand that all the welding must be very tedious, but Im sure itll be worth it, at least for this one;) I aslo read, that youre planning to make a car from skratch yourself, so Iam already curious what its gonna be;)

  • @Arthur-Dent Well, I can tell you... there is car I couldn't find anywhere, maybe you don't like it, but it is the car marked a part of my childhood: " https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Fiat_1300.jpg " . I will try, I found some blueprints, but not sure is it going to be something I would like to publish. Anyway, that is only plan for now. Also, I hope your health will get better.

  • welding days
    Here is example of the trunk:
    Also view in OpenIV:
    In game (chrome parts not done yet):
    You will hardly see the difference, but your computer certainly will.

  • Nodding dashboard dog test

    Maybe will be included as the extra with this or next car.


    Awesome work!

    Do you have plans to (somewhat) make the suspension active?

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