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[VEHICLE] Polestar 1 from Need for Speed Heat

  • Can we please get it?

  • Already requested. Depends on if you want the version with the bodykit or not. There is already a model for the polestar 1 without the awesome bodykit, yet it was not made as a GTA mod yet.

  • I want the version with the bodykit, is it known when will that happen because I really want to see it in GTA V?

  • @JustGTAFan I am not sure at all. I own NFS Heat, but just the trial and i am not sure that there is any way to get it out of the game with the bodykit. I would like to get it as well, but we just have to see. Maybe try setting the thread as unsolved.

  • I own the game and I've seen people use Cheat Engine to add the bodykit parts on the Polestar 1 so It's kinda possible.

  • use frosty editor to get the model

  • I don't think frosty editor supports Heat yet.

  • well yeah not rn but the patreon version does and you can get the model from gm25 and use the editor to take textures that gm25 didnt upload with it. if nobody does it i will eventually when not busy already got the model and textures for it and all parts

  • Well I don't know how to do any of this and I only want it with the bodykit, but I guess I will just have to wait.

  • Anyone planning to do this car please also add hero addition parts for NFS heat, it's the parts on the car on the cover and the one you drive in the intro of the game new updates let you unlock it as well as a new car.

  • GTA SA model
    Any one up for converting it?

  • i tried converting the San Andreas Model... Unfortunately, it has alot of missing textures and some problems in the model, which makes it unconvertible...

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