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[WIP] First Person Shooter deathmatch/survival zombie (like COD series).

  • I am working on a First Person Shooter that include: -a zombie survival gamemode.
    -a deathmatch gamemode(againt AI with three difficulties).

    In this mod player can carry two weapons only(primary and secondary) and some grenades.

    Deathmatch gamemode:

    -Levels system,( to unlock some wepons)/ or to unlock outfits.

    -Money system (to buy weapon accesories or abilities).

    -In this gamemode Player can select a class(medic, sniper, assault..)

    -Three AI difficulties(hard, ...)

    -Two maps (one in city, on in desert)

    -32 AI peds in game (i hope).

    Zombie survival gamemode:

    -Survival game with waves system.

    -in game money system(kills zombie to get money).

    -Weapons on wall/mystery weapon box/upgrade weapon to special weapon.

    -mystery outfit box where you can get a special outfit which add some abilities.

    -Locked doors(pay to unlock doors like COD).

    -Only one map for this mod.

    I start this project a week ago, and im working on first peron cam and zombie gamemode.
    ill upload pictures soon =p

  • Work in progress =) : 0_1574700197571_pic1.PNG

  • alpha main menu coded:0_1574702847196_pic2.jpg
    Only work in 1920x1080 resolution for now, will fix this next, then i will add a royality free background music. I also want to add an intro cinematic in the futur.

  • Spawn system works very well =), however zombies are very strong x), 0_1574720820930_pic3.jpg0_1574720839262_pic4.jpg , i will of course adapt diffculties(wave 1 simple then increase difficulty by increasing zombies health or remove headshots for example) will also try to add some boss.
    Just one issue: Weapon "whipping" where zombies are too close of player and when player hold a weapon, but i will disable this ;),

  • i also coded weapon loterie ( mystery box), just need a good prop (mystery crate) and some good animations and effects.

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