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Mods doesn't work anymore. Is it for everyone?

  • I used mods in GTA V for years.
    I know all the softwares/files that need.
    When I updated my scripthook (didnt play for months) the game crashed while loading to storymode normal game.
    (steam version)
    Then I deleted everything and re-installed the game, I put only the Scripthook with the trainer with it and its still crashing.
    Can't find any solutions..
    Help please?

  • Delete ScriptHookV and Simple Trainer. Still crashes? Then the cause is not mods. Or maybe you didn’t delete and re-install properly.

    If it doesn’t crash, remove ScriptHookV and install an older version, but frankly, I doubt it’s ScriptHookV’s fault. It works fine for everyone else. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to play 95% of mods out there.

  • @Dimentive
    I'll try again

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