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Hookah Palace banners not changing, why?

  • Running GTAV Steam v. 1.0.1737.6

    -So I've gone through with Codewalker to see the file location of the Hookah Palace;
    -Opened in OpenIV;
    -Checked out the Hookah Palace mod on the 5mods site to change them--hoop jumping intensifies and I felt like I was going backwards as I had already ripped the dds files, Photoshopped them, saved them back as dds (same names) and threw them back into the ytds with the texture toolkit.
    -Checked .ydr for HP, looked up which ytd file has the texture for it.

    Side note: There's about 4 ytd's that Ive seen with the ads.

    This is the file that came up on the ydr with the texture:

    The others -


    • nxg_dt1_22_cmk_tp02.dds


    • nxg_dt1_22_cmk_tp02.dds


    • dt1_22_bposter_lod.dds
    • dt1_22_walls_lod_0001.dds

    Originally tried to change all the dds textures but when I loaded up the game I was still getting the vanilla ads. I'm at a loss and it's driving me crazy that I could be missing something. Any help would be seriously appreciated. I've never actually 'modded' the texture files myself. I've got the Nik The Greek GB texture packs (installed them via OIV) but I'm doing this for a FiveM server and want to make sure I can get the damn thing to work in my game before I push it out on to there.

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