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Slow traffic

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    Anyone else think the traffic is insane?

    I know, it's like I'm starting from the beginning.

    How many people use this site, admins? Like 1000 right? Cause for 2 weeks of modding I've got TWO people actually giving me reviews.

    enthusiasm check .....
    fucking failed. .

  • @eleventwentytooo It's been slow around here for a while now. R* and their bullsh*t patches killed the community. People got fed up with the game breaking updates and walked away. Feels bad man
    alt text

  • @eleventwentytooo
    RDR2 has taken a good number away from the site the last 3 weeks as well.

    I for one, get what you are doing with the Re-Roading Project & am confident it will become an essential part of every modders GTA V driving experience. :thumbsup:

    Yeah, the vanilla traffic speeds are annoying af. Usually the skill in blazing through an intersection is the ability to read the traffic ahead of time & predict it's position relative to you at a future point in time not have the traffic be in almost exactly the same position once you get there lol. Perhaps counter-intuitively, it's easier to predict the actions of a moving vehicle than a (almost) stationary one. Also, the closer they are matched to your own speed the easier it becomes as the relative speeds you are dealing with are much lower/closer together.

    The act of speeding up traffic throughout the game, as you are doing with the Re-Roading Project, will totally change the dynamic of the GTA V driving experience. It will be less random with an increased ability to predict the actions of other drivers leading to more obtainable feats of skill while you manoeuvre through traffic. A far more satisfying experience than the Grannyfest we have atm.

    I'll devote some time to looking for pathing issues to help you out & post screenshots to the Re-Roading Project comments page. :thumbsup:

    I know you have the screenshots of the areas you have changed so far but if you could provide me with a top-down map of LS (something like this) highlighting the exact areas in which to look for pathing issues, I could target my search more specifically & cut down a bit of time :thumbsup:

    Using the map linked to above with Photoshop's 'Magic Wand Tool' (Shortcut = 'W') on 'Tolerance' = '32' it's a few minute job to mark the areas like this etc :thumbsup:

    Pathing Highlight Area

    You can 'add to selection' by holding shift ('+' icon appears on pointer) & left-clicking.

    Forgive me if you use Photoshop & know this already, just covering the bases :thumbsup:

    I think it would be good to add a map like this to the Re-Roading Project main page. When I first checked out your mod, it was the first thing I went looking for. If you don't have Photoshop etc, give me a map where you mark the limits of various modded pathing areas with colour coded dots (any free paint program can do that), pm me with it & I'll knock you up a real nice looking map, like the one above, that you can use if you want :thumbsup:

    You give me the exact details of where your pathing starts & finishes & I can turn myself into a one man modding army & start tracking down issues :thumbsup:

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    Hey man appreciate the offers a lot. Gotta take you up on the image design, I even posted about that! Amazing :D

    Just to vent, the current problems I'm facing is this really annoying hard-coded vehicle class thing. Poor, average and rich. I've asked around, -unappy face, and alas only Eshenk could advise me of a work around which looks great, but stops the spawning of any vehicle other than basically Adder, and urm, maybe a Comet. Lol. But that's the main issue - if I could just find where R* has forced an either sort of driver skill level, or perhaps just a different incarfuckingnation of AiHandlingType - which trust me, they've all be replaced, I could finalize my design process. Currently every Alphas so far is a quite upsetting thing to release and watch grow. The cars with the weird rule of course slow down the whole road. Therefor you got sports cars capable of 77 or 88 (engine presets), being slowed to 55 sometimes 40 by a stupid truck! Really need help with this. Any textual scripty doo da people out there, ring me. 5-5-5 Re-Roading

    But yeah, your offer of the image. Ah man is it needed. I certainly can't do it myself because it's mind numbing enough to go around, birds-eye view all streets, covering all nodes. I don't want to even have to drop colour into sections, save a massive image and upload a preview with the PDF documentation including the fullsize image. So we need to think of a work around.

    Max upload on this site, for mod page images is 2mb. If we could get special permission to upload a 5mb (max) picture, it might be doable. But how can we constantly update a massive map with additions if it's so large and has to be viewed via a zoomed in way to see anything worth noting. I really appreciate the offer and we need to do this! Please! @ReNNie has been involved in this mod so far, giving comments and answering my questions over PM. Maybe you can tell us if the system allows for this.

    Major coincidence in the image you shared, as that's one of the area node IDs I covered last evening. Spooky as man, spooky az...

    Now, I'm gonna share quite a personal image here.. the mods might wanna remove this actually, it's quite embarrasing


    Yes, I've really slowed down in production... I know. And also when I've been saying "evenings" I really meant 3AM in the evening. I haven't lost enthusiasm or anything like that, well, I have, but not like that. I'm working just as hard trying to figure out why R* hard coded 2 different types of speed limits, one in the node flags and another somewhere more secret than how many war criminals are still alive and shopping in your- sorry, another passionate cause of mine.

    Can we talk via some sort of as the kids say I and M? as that way we could figure out how we can inform the public more of what the mod is and what areas are affected for the next 5 or 10 Alpha itterations I release, until boom, the whole map is a lovely shade of orange dotted green layers, or whatever. And I guess then we won't even need a descriptive image. I'll just finish the map, and perhaps release like an ambient vehicles addon. As I'm in CW, I see all these paths that planes and ambient boats skimming the shore use to look cool. If I was to just edit their flags a bit, the same way I do with the road, ambient posh boats (can't spell yachts, oh) and other things that are there to make the world look amazing.

    So, hope I've walled you back enough. Hands hurting, now I gotta go type more stuff to look for this speed class thing, and edit some nodes. Thanks again let me know a platform you use.


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