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GTA V-Crash while playing

  • Hi, I recently installed a carpack of 310 cars replace, but after I play a little the game crashes, what should I do? Thanks in advance


    remove your mods folder and never think about replacing that many vehicles ever again.

  • @TUTTO97 most of the add-on cars are in High qualtiy textures and high polygons which will eat too much graphics memory and that cause crashes . . if you want to avoid that :

    -you may want to combine your all addon cars into one DLC ,
    -get a good gameconfig.xml that let allow more cars ingame
    -Lastly compress the 32 bit(A8R8G8B8) to DXT5 8 bit and DXT1 4bit textures . . do it correctly cause masked texture will be messed up if not done correct .

    there will/might be no fix for it if you have weak GPU for a too many add-on car package.

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