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Zmodeler not extracting L4 wheels

  • Does anyone have experiences with this issue?
    I mapped the vanilla trailer and when I did LODs for wheels to don't disappear putting them in L0-L4, then extracted the file and once I close project and again import exported file, L0-L3 is there but L4 is missing.

    // edit ReN : moved

  • Moving wheels on trailers wont work on L4 most of the time. Make some low poly wheels. REALLY low because you cant see them well at that distance anyway. Then attach those wheel shapes to chassis on L4.

  • @Foxunitone it's vanilla TV trailer so it's already really low, whole model have less than 800kb :grimacing: :thinking: just after mapping the trailer I needed to do LOD again coz vanilla ones didn't stay there, don't know why :(

  • If you want, I will download the trailer and take a look. If I can get it working I could upload it to my cloud and send you the private link for the fixed one. Just let me know and I can take a look tomorrow.

  • @Foxunitone would be greatful, no hurry, once you have time, would be great if you find fix :pray_tone3:
    here is the link

  • No problem, I will download it now and check it out after i wake up tomorrow!

  • @Foxunitone ok great, thanks

  • Perhaps GTA doesn't want L4 with moving parts.
    Try using the _mesh material on the wheel and attach the wheel to the chassis or something.

  • @ArmaniAdnr Its ready I sent everything in PM :aerial_tramway:

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