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[PLAYER] Accurate Astronaut EVA Suit

  • Hello,

    My request is on the grounds that I only know how to edit .ydf textures and am not good with models. I noticed all of the mods regarding the astronaut suit were re textures, but the overall suit stays the same. I was hoping someone might have made or make an accurate EVA suit and helmet, as the current space-suits look silly (mainly the helmet for not having the lights and headlamps like in real life) and I wanted to make a cinematic series on space flight with the shuttle mod, but I am sure a lot of other people might enjoy it as well.


    Thanks for your time,


  • @Nassault Try embedding your pic next time around. And to make it easier for modders, try hunting down a downloadable model of the object/model you want before posting and link to it so someone that's willing to do the work has something to work with.
    A new spacesuit would be cool. I agree the one R* made is pretty trash

  • @PsiBurner

    Ok cool I will edit my first post in a bit with those details and will do that next time. Yeah, it looks nice in the mod that turned it orange, because when its orange with the silly helmet it looks more like the SR-71 flight suit than an actual astronaut. Flying the SR-71 with it was appropriate but flying the shuttle not so much.

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