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Where the fuck is a mute button when you need it? (Ok, it's harsh, but really) (Failed Idea)

  • Let's face it, we can all agree we see hilariously retarded people on the site. So retarded you wanna mute them. Don't you think this should be possible for both the forums and the main site?

    I mean I see people get so fucking fed up with other people that it'd be nice to have a mute button around, to which when you click, you can have them muted based on your preference, like if you don't want to see their stupid comments, but you find their avatar is nice to look at, but you also don't want their name in the way, you can set the muting to that preference.

    What do you think? Should muting be a thing?

  • @yeahhmonkey I think it's impressive how they've requested a feature and demonstrated why we need it, all in the same post. ;)

  • @krashadam Agree. But who the heck down-voted your comment haha

  • @yeahhmonkey Anyone can have an opinion

  • @yeahhmonkey No, that's you just reading it that way. I mean, you did read the end of the title, right? It said "Ok, it's harsh, but really" for a reason.

  • @krashadam Your title has expletives in it when there is no need for them. You call people "hilariously retarded", which is just downright offensive and then you go on an add "I see people get so fucking fed up with other people " with "like if you don't want to see their stupid comments" thrown in for good measure.

    Is there a reason why people have to read all that, instead of a title that says "Can we have a mute/ignore button" with a comment that simply explains that you don't want to read some people's comments, so you'd like some way to ignore them?

    Do you not believe that the person who you want to read your comment (i.e. the site admin), is entitled to have it asked in a mature way that doesn't make you cringe every other sentence? It doesn't matter what you put on the end of the title, when your comment is full of things just as bad, if not worse.

    The admin is a human being, as are those people you choose to call retarded... so why not ask a respectful question, instead of throwing expletives and offensive words at everyone?

  • @LeeC2202 Triggered

  • @yeahhmonkey @LeeC2202 ...what? Have you actually seen some of the comments on the main site? I've seen the stupidest, and the most annoying. Don't you hate it when people constantly reply to you every second, filling up your notifcations, or just annoying the shit out of you for the sake of seeing a reaction out of you? This is just you seeing everything in a "rude" tone when it isn't close to what I mean, and that further proves my point. This went from ass picking, backseat modding:

    @yeahhmonkey said

    @krashadam I think the only one i would mute is you.
    Atleast you could make a nice site related question, instead of a angry post.
    I read how you talk about other people. Stop that. You are the one that don't behave right now.
    I would like to ask you to edit this post to a normal question instead of retared people F this F that. (<This comment is clearly backseat modding, is it not?)

    @rappo maybe you want to see this. I do not know if you guys approve this but just in case i tag you.
    Sorry if it's unnecercery or not.

  • @krashadam This isn't about the comments on the main site, this is about your comment to @rappo

    He controls the site, so whatever you post in this section is directed at him. I was trying to help you see that but I am sure rappo will make his own mind up about how he sees your comment. Just don't be too surprised if he doesn't take too kindly to it, that's all I am saying.

  • @yeahhmonkey :expressionless: No, that doesn't even come close to my problem. I'm saying a mute button is useful in case if someone decides to annoy the fucking shit out of you and spam random shit at you. And "ignoring" is what the mute button needs to exist for. And what will reporting do?

    @LeeC2202 It wasn't even directed at him. Have you not had 1 person spam you with random bullshit just to annoy the shit out of you?

  • @yeahhmonkey If you weren't here to fight, or have a discussion, then you shouldn't have posted here. I never asked for a fight either, but it happened anyway.

  • @krashadam You have to understand, when you own a website, anything related to that website and the community is a personal matter. If you haven't run a website, I know that can be hard to appreciate... but trust me, that's how it can get.

    All I/we are saying, is we appreciate things get you angry on the site but don't let than anger spill over into questions asked to the person who runs the site. Keep them separate... You'll have a far better chance of a positive response, if the first thing the admin sees isn't "Where the f**k is [insert feature] when you need it?".

    We're having a conversation because we haven't caused anyone to be angry... ask your questions to the admin the same way.

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  • :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: < Butter is Out, Kernels in the Pot, Popcorn Poppin'!

  • @krashadam I don't really like the idea of the mute button as it destroys the sense of community that the site is supposed to support. If you have issues with specific comments, particularly ones that are breaking the rules, please report them so I can take a look.

  • @rappo Boom. The one and only response I needed. All right. Whatever seems fair to you.

    @yeahhmonkey After reading this whole section a day later, holy shit, I was being an ass. I apologize. I had a stupid argument with a guy yesterday about how this guy asked for donations in return for requested mods to be uploaded to GTA5mods. Me and him were fighting about it. It didn't even last for an hour. It lasted like 10 minutes or some shit and then it ended. I just had a retarded day honestly. Sorry. :disappointed:

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