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modkit id problem on add on

  • sorry for asking help
    my add on tuning customizing not work and replacing the vanila game
    i searched google and this forum the problem is modkit id
    so i change modkit id in carcols and carvariation
    but in game i see with addon spawner from ikt the numbers not change or just change below 200 id
    i trying with many cars and many numbers in case the problem is addon itself but the results is same.

    this my example carcols

    and this carvariation

    i'm using gta v v1.44/aterhours update
    in other tread somebody says if rockstar increased modkit id in doomsday heist update.

    pls help
    sorry with my bad english.


    cracked version by any chance?


    See https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/26459/bugs-with-tuning-for-vanilla-cars

    maybe conflicting Modkit_ID's?

    @Reacon could be, but RLD is v1.41 1180 ;) iirc since v1.42 the modkit pool was increased from 256 to 1024

  • @Reacon maybe sice this game was already in there when i buy used hdd

    i actually has buy the game in steam but too lazy to download it since my internet conection is hella bad

  • @ReNNie my range number i use is around 600-1000
    never go hinger than 1000


    wait, seems you're indeed using a cracked version then with added dlcpacks?

  • @ReNNie i dunno man the game already update with 1.44 when i got this hdd from my friend.

    So how i fix this ?
    Should i redownload from steam?


    Moved to installation help.

    Just update the game to the newest version. Starting with v1.0.1290.1, the thing allows more than 255 variations. Not sure exactly but iirc Unknown said some 1000 IDs are available now.

    As for Add-On Spawner, the modkit ID isn't reflective of what's in carcols or whatever.

  • @ikt well i tried to add one add on and change the number of modkit id
    But the results seems the game just give me random number
    After i instal that add ons tunung for sultan rs has gone what i belive is 130.

    So any mods out there which give us number of modkit in game?

    Also can we just update the game file from steam without redownloading again from my unknown gta file?


    @ryusei99 inside update.rpf there's a version.txt displaying the current version.

    That or inspect the exe properties. I'm beginning to suspect your mate gave you a pirated game copy, manually updated to v1.44

  • @ReNNie the updatr.rpf one is the v 1.44 version
    But i don't sure if the exe file is also 1.44
    Any tips to check it?

    Yes seems you right my friend gave me cracked version and he is update manualy when i asked him last night
    He says he got the game from pirate cd store
    And he buy it around 15 dollar...


    right, GTA5-Mods.com community guidelines we do not allow discussions on or give support to pirated games

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