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[Vehicles modding] Want to know how to change the cameras on specific vehicles...

  • Hey guys! As I'm sure you know, with a lot of car mods, it seems the camera is extremely off. In my specific use-case, the handling on a modded plane is seemingly off just by the camera.

    I know that a recent update to the game took the ability to update the camera OUT of vehicles.meta, but I'd like to know HOW to change it anyways...even if it IS a lot of work.

    Please let me know how to change the distance and the rotation of the camera so that I can either fix it and merge it with the original plane mod, or at least teach others how to do so!

    Just in case you're curious, the good camera is on THIS mod:

    and is BAD on this mod:

    One thing I tried was to run a diff against the vehicles.meta to see if any of the values were different, but sadly, to no avail. They're exactly the same, but the cameras operate so differently!

    Huge thanks to anyone who's able to assist on this one! <3

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