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  • Hello dear gods of GTA mods, as the title suggests, i would love to get rid of the busted cutscene where the screen goes black and you restart from the police station.I would love to see the ped getting handcuffedand, transported to jail and put in a cell. Maybe this mod existed allready but maybe am just dreaming.Have a good one!

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    God is a collective almighty

    Not to blow my own brilliant horn too much, but I asked Enhanced Native Trainer to do a prolonged busted scene. So now when you get arrested it's just the slow motion effect and the screen effect. It's in the Misc menu.
    0_1574962695285_upload-cd7deeda-acd3-4b9b-959d-78e4f34364fd I know that's not what you want, but it's a start. Good luck

  • Indeed it is a great start. some handcuffing animation and i'll be more than satisfied.

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