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[MISC] Better Bikes

  • So, there's an uncountable amount of driving mods out there but most of them aren't satisfying when it comes to bike handling.
    I would like here to add a whish list for a cool bike mod one of you has to develop:

    1. Your bike can roll over and fall to the floor.
    2. Your bike can drift (some types more than other).
    3. The steering angle is wider than in vanilla but not so much as in @Killatomates Realistic Driving mod.
    4. You can loose control of your bike and you can fall of the bike. (I'm not sure if this is already possible in vanilla)
    5. On wet surfaces the bike will slide and there's a risk of aquaplaning.

    @3ric2hew has tried to do a bike mod, but it's not elaborated enough do have fun with it.
    Coders, please support him!

  • Moving you over to Requests.

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