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Gta 5: shiny garment texture

  • Hi everybody

    I would like to change the texture of a trousers on gta 5 .. I therefore with the help of photoshop replace the texture of the pants with a vinyl texture but when I run gta 5 vinyl texture is not shiny..

    Do you know why ?

  • @Sun2k You need to edit the specular map of the pants to make them shiny. Do a search online about specular maps and how they work and you'll get the idea

  • @PsiBurner just saying but using regular specular knowledge won't work on peds, as V peds have specific specular settings, each R G B had it's own properties, purple for example is leather and it has the models bit shiny and has a detail map on top

  • @HeySlickThatsMe For a newb job he should be able to get by with basic spec and tweak in grey scale to the shiney-ness of his liking

  • @PsiBurner as I said, grey scale speculars maps aren't used on peds in GTA V, using them yourself is really wrong

  • @HeySlickThatsMe If you're willing to give the guy a tutorial, than by all means. I pointed him in the direction to learn.

  • Thank you guys I'm looking in this way

  • @Sun2k if you really want it shiny .. lets make it simple .. i have done this many times ...

    edit the specular map file , for example file named tl_v_michael_floor_terracotta_s <-- something like that it usually has _s at the end-letter which is grey-scaled texture ..

    press ctrl + M in photoshop and the curves tool pops out, , play the curves make it brighter enable to get more shines ingame , the max shine is to make it all white , the zero shine is to make it all black, its up to you ..

    for peds. the texture you will edit is the normal map file of the ped and is usually embedded in a .ydd file.. make it also brighter a little to gain the very shine effect. .

    you can use texturetool kit to enable to gain access with embedded textures. .

    now save it as .png ,replace the original texture and you're done .. see the result in game ..

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