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How to get bulletproof windows?

  • Hey guys i have a question, does any1 know how to make bulletproof windows?
    Contact me on discord: SDJ#4334, If you can do it there will be a reward.

  • Just open the model in ZM and change the glass material to vehicle_decal. It should remain transparent, and will now just show bullet impact damage instead of breaking.


    there's the flags in vehicles.meta
    and iirc you can set a specific collision ID value on the glass shader used in zmod 3.2.0

    //edit ReN : added from a discord server

    Posted by We

    Collision IDs:
    93 - rubber (used on trophytruck's spare wheels)
    100 - cloth
    116 - metal
    117 - plastic
    118-119 - softtop, softtop_clear
    120 - weak glass (side windows)
    121 - med. glass (rear windshield)
    122 - strong glass (windshield)
    123 - bulletproof glass
    124 - opaque glass
    142 - void (no collision for bullets/projectiles)
    172 - engine (idk what's the difference with metal, but it has its own ID)

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