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Rage Plugin Hook - GTA V Exits Unexpectedly

  • I have recently re-installed Rage Plugin Hook for GTA V (version 1.0.1737.6) and I seem to be having some issues. I try to run Rage Plugin Hook but after opening the Rockstar Social Club and trying to load the game with the mod it just exits unexpectedly.

    Here are the logs on Pastebin.
    And here is an image of the crash notification.

    I have previously ran Rage Plugin Hook before wiping my computer completely and re-installing my programs and files and it use to run just fine as long as it was in Safe Mode. But now it doesn't run even with minimal settings.

    Thanks for helping out! :)

  • UPDATE: Figured out that it was my Avast anti-virus being picky. Started to work just fine after I added the GTA V folder as an exception.

  • Hmmm... Useful. I've been having a few problems with RPH recently. Maybe I should take a look into my Anti-Vir software as well?

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