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Removing mod folder and all .asi .dll .xml files and putting them back causes corrupt data crashes

  • Okay, so I have all these mods and trainers and everything works fine, but earlier i dragged them all out of OpenIV and put them in a mod backup so that i can play online again, but i got the altered version pop-up, Ok fine. So i dragged them all back and opened the game and now i get a error which says "corrupt game data please reboot, verify game data or re-install the game". I watched a few yt vids but all they say is to install the openiv.asi and asi loader. I already have them so i uninstalled them and re-installed. Nothing. Is there a solution or do i HAVE to re-install the entire game?


    @FantomXscarS verify the game files as it said

  • @Reacon oh i already have but it never did anything

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