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Importing RDR2's Euphoria settings to GTAV?

  • Has anyone tried just importing Red Dead Redemption 2's Euphoria settings/files to GTAV? The ones that can be found in common/data/naturalmotion

  • Nah, this type of stuff will only be made possible once we have .RPF support and right now only private groups have this and i don't think they're really interested, it's not their top priority.

    Pretty sure that some compatibility issues will occur by doing this as Euphoria and RAGE from RDR2 and GTA V are clearly different, maybe some stuff can be copy pasted, maybe some others requires more research or maybe some may never be discovered (just like GTA IV and it's funny JumpRollFromRoadVehicle or GoingThroughWindscreen parameters).

  • @MrQuiche I wouldn't say it's too far fetched. Others didn't have too much of a difficult time trying to import/emulate IV, RDR, or MP3's Euphoria settings to GTA V.

  • @cp1dell Nobody really imported or even managed to emulate some Euphoria tasks from IV, RDR or MP3, MP3 to GTA V can be recreated easily as it's basically the same engine (since there's only a couple of months between their releases) but IV and RDR are running on completly different versions of RAGE which makes it almost impossible to recreate or even emulate those results. I've been trying for 2 years and never made it far.

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