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game keep crashing

  • This game is getting more and more weird since the last update, I cannot enjoy this game properly because it's keep crashing like a shit.
    The crash happened for several months ago, when Rockstar did not use the launcher yet, my game was steam version, after I played this game for around thirty minutes, the game will show like" unrecoverable fault please restart the game." it happened every time.
    After the launcher was available I delected my steam version and download my game through the launcher, because the game cannot run through steam. but the things got even worse, my game crashes after random time, probably after ten minutes, twenty minutes or even one minute. When the game crashes the graphics and sounds will stop and shows like"gta V exited unexpectly......"
    My game has several mods installed, like scripthookV, IVPack, roof top damage(with ENBseries) and several addon vehicles, replaced weapons. I am pretty sure that these mods can fit my game well and they are not the major reason to crash my game. my laptop is good enough to run this game, with the latest driver installed......
    I have no idea what to do, can anyone help me? sorry if my English is bad.


    hi there, if you can expand on your issues
    you'll have a better chance at getting support
    also try these threads while troubleshooting your issues

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