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Re-Roading - the next stage

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    Re-Roading started 3 weeks ago and is a project with the intention of improving the roads of V once and for all. Via a system of AI nodes being meticulously edited and re-flagged, eventually all of San Andreas will have blazing fast - 88MPH in replacement of "40" - vehicles scorching the road and leaving you behind.

    The scale of V is a greatly refined thing. R* has all these affects to make the world feel massive, and it does. Though with my modification you will truly feel smaller and less dominante on the roads. Other vehicles are now lethal and with arcade aspects completely gone.

    Alpha 3.5 speaks volumes of my intent. This process is very complicated and difficult to get perfect. I have perfected many areas and finished zones 100%, though the mods' base needs improvment in a programmatic way. We, the collective consciousness of wanting this mod, have since researched methods of braking, junction oversights, scan distance and vehicle class. This being now the bane of our development.

    V has Vehicle classes. They are defined through many different ways for tasks such as spawn rate and personality of driver - though as massive issue stands in the way of this mod being completed..       @Slash_Alex    thank you

    After days, testing popgroups, popcycles, handling and vehicles meta, node flags and re-checking already developed braking values - still a major problem stands in the way. Vehicles of any other class than "SUPER" will not produce the effect wanted.

    Through my system of placing nodes in mass and grouping them together as constant links to create extremely smooth angle transitions, I have discovered and confirmed the true ability for V AI in their driving roles.

    They are stunning. Any vehicle, and of any DriverAgressiveness, DriveIntelligence, AIHandlingType, Ped personality, reaction modifier - ALL AI can successfully travel even tight curves at exactly 88 MPH. This is the golden number. I am certain of my research that this is the number we should be looking to achieve for at least half of all travel directional paths. I have achieved a bit less than 25% -107 each less than half complete YNDs per 259 R*s'. A few more weeks and my job will be finished. All roads will be using my system and all classes, vehicle types and AI will drive around perfectly.

    This is where things get interesting.
    I've been modding my game and enjoying all the possibilites for the entire time V has been out for us, but this is the first time I've put my game design knowledge to use to actually design my own mod. And it's going to be grand - but I need some code related help.

    As I said, vehicles that aren't super cars as defined by VEHICLE_CLASS will have instead of 88, speeds of 30 for hauling trucks, 45 for small vans, 50 for SUVs and other high performance vehicles. 77-88 for sports and super cars!

    We are beginning talks with LSPDFR development staff to ensure a custom compile of pathfinder engine scritping for ambient situations and to ensure best optimization.

    I call out there to the community, to those such as @ikt, @ImNotMentaL, and all those who can attempt to delve into this issue in terms of -

    Creating a script that would for example, set the vehicle class of every spawned vehicle to either Super/Sports - for variation, or perhaps the values and therefor meanings of VEHICLE_CLASS, 0xB7750119, cvehicleintelligence to all achieve 88 as their top speed.

    Of course, it doesn't need to be said to anyone with programming abilities out there, but to those reading who I basically was 3 weeks ago - Only the road vehicles class is being looked at. We don't want ambient planes doing warp speed.

    -Little bit of a disclaimer
    I've tried everything. Literally everything file-side. Binary search through CW to find all instances of vehicle class and change them? Done it - this is 100% a code thing. I think. Haha. :worried:

    So, the call is made. The files are up. I'm offering my hard work and ideas to the internet and this is them.. please enjoy the mod - and programmers, let's do something. Let's change V in a major way before 2020. Ikt, you know this was all written for you...

    A few images to make the post look pretty and for those who haven't yet tried - thanks for reading:

    Re-Roading Project
    Big shout outs to @dodgeboy121 the original supporter thank you man, @a63nt-5m1th, @PsiBurner, @TimeTimes and all the other supporters who have given me tons of information and made this mod what it currently is - which is saying something as it's not even near completion yet! :grin:

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    No idea, looks more like something that should be changed in the vehicle.meta for each vehicle?

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    @ikt It's not, I've covered that file in my tests

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