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Hello from the Gloryhole


    I think it comes to no suprise to you I'm still reading, is it?
    GTA5-Mods - The death of a community

    I never publically reacted up until now as you will a) probably outword me in any discussion we have
    and b) I'm respecting your thoughts, opinions and insights very much. Never was otherwise.

    And although I concur with parts of your analysis, I do feel you might be missing one or two critical factors here:

    1) Zeitgeist

    or as you state it "the many Discord servers that have fragmented the community into personal glory-holes."
    I have seen this phenomenom grow and become a thing. Almost feel like '95 and all the ppl idling in IRC servers.
    Whereas I personally believe that sharing knowledge is key to learn, build and expand upon and thus is best served as a transparant commodity, I see the trend where information and knowledge are (also) used for personal gain and glory.

    A person starts a Discord server, gathers followers that admire and respect him, thus building his own castle.
    And why would he then share any piece of information without return to the outside world?
    Then there's also money as a factor. MLO and vehicles are used as profit model via Patreon by those that have the skills and the time to hone those skills.
    And why then share the knowledge if you can keep it on the lee-low and earn significantly.
    If anything, that has in part led to the downfall of the community feel, at least for me personally.

    BUT truth be told that within most Discord servers people do help each other out and share information
    It's just too fragmented and obscured this way imho.
    Using a forum or website to share, makes it easier to refer someone to, it's just more lasting.
    That is why, still to-date, I'm referring authors to your POT page.
    And the reason why I've learnt so much from Eddlm posting his handling.meta guide.

    It is what it is. Forums, at least in V modding, are turning into the thing of the past and Discord as the poor-mans, volatile, short-memoried alternative it seems...
    It's not like GTAForums part of V is thriving, is it?
    Things move on and so do ways of communication within communities, especially with the social media nowadays.
    Help did get more direct via Discord servers though and for some (youngsters) it's just an easier means of communication.
    Generally GitHub is more of a thing among coders these days too (or so I've heard).

    Regarding the forum comment that said: "You'd be better off on our Discord, our long-term modders don't come here any more, never mind answer questions", which was recently posted (by me yes), since then danistheman262 has gotten help with his questions in our #scripts as you can see by him continously updating his scripts.
    I do not see that as a bad thing perse?

    2) Evolution

    The other possible factor being the fact this game will reach the age of five on April 14th next year.
    Generally the interest in modding V has died down. Check RDR2 which is blossoming now.
    Most have moved on, believe it or not. Longstanding members have left, layed down their role and became dorment.
    With a lifespan like this, things have been done before, questions asked and answered and not everybody is open to welcoming newcomers at the bottom of the learning curve, I'm sad to admit. Exceptions clearly there for all to witness.

    Yes, the *hidden * staff area is still present on the forum.
    Just like I stated above on general Forums use, it is hardly used anymore. Last post is 7 months old.
    Staff converse mostly via #staff in our discord and with the new moderators tools on 5Mods we can much easier leave notes on specific uploads, uploaders and keep better track on decisions made. The dedicated History Tab on each upload enables this and makes each action transparant for the other staff members to see.


    I feel trying to pin it unto a single individual or a small group of enthusiasts spending their own time and effort mainting the 5Mods website is selling us short.
    Also is it much easier to stand from the sideline and place comments, how ever true they may be, than to be part of it and try and change it for the better.

    So, why even contemplate a fake account when the real you being involved is what's needed, more than ever, unknowingly?

    Lead by example.

    Best regards, as always /R

    //edit ReN: decided to lock this seeing the first response on it as I did not intend this to be a thread with open-to-all rumblings and with a final thought and that is, "burnt bridges can always be re-constructed, I truly believe they can, surely in this day and age with all those communication possiblities", I don't know, heck, maybe I'm just the too-positive type. I for one did not meant my reflections to be an attack as such in any way, much more the opposite.

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