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Installing Add-On Vehicles, Add-On Peds, Weapons, and Add-On Clothing don't appear in game

  • Good evening everyone,

    So I've so far been able to install mods such as Forests of San Andreas, Roads of Los Santos, Menyoo and Native Trainer, and a BMW M4 that I installed via package installer in OpenIV. So far I've managed to replace three cars with real life retextures, but after trying five in a row none of the five worked. In game there's been no change despite all the steps I took being the same with the successful retextures. On top of that, I've followed each Readme in all the Add-On vehicles' files to the letter, but none of them appear in game or even act like I took any steps to install them. The same goes for clothing, weapons, and custom npcs such as Sims 4 Custom Female Ped. I don't know if I did something wrong early on, but it seems to be universal for any mods that want to add on new, interactable content. Please let me know if y'all have any suggestions, I'm ready to provide whatever files needed to figure it out

  • Mostly everything that's addon dont apear in the game, that's why when you install an addon car you won't see it on the streets, you will have to spawn it using a trainer, but if you really want to see add-on cars on the streets there is a script mod that allows for that, the name of it is DLC/Add-On Vehicles Spawn on Traffic. As for peds weapons and clothing, you might need to use trainer for that, i don't think you will be able to see them on the streets unless you replace them, wich is a little work to be done.

  • @vasiman1 Well I've successfully replaced 3 cars in game and then I attempted to do a few more and no changes appeared whatsoever. Then I tried the add on's spawn code through Menyoo and Nativetrainer and neither one worked, as according to the file's descriptions, at least. I just feel like there's a central problem that's messing with everything, I don't really know all that much of what I'm doing otherwise I would be more appropriately suited to address it. I also don't know of any trainers that make it easy to find clothing, as of the moment I'm scrolling through random numbers (1-200 something) to find clothing for my characters, then the smaller ID to change the color of the item. I'm still unable to find any easier method that provides all the clothing in the game.

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