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[SCRIPT] All vehicles able to reach the same speed - programming issue

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    I am designing an AI node modification which will make vehicles drive much faster than they currently do. There are no drawbacks to the idea and it is already being executed via in my first 4 Alphas

    I have previously posted on these forums explaining of an issue relating to vehicle class and top speed ability. Someone has recommended I repost here to get more views from people in a position to help, as I myself don't program.

    All values I have attempted to edit inside vehicle metas:


    These do not relate to vehicle class speed limit.

    Handling metas do not affect AI driving in terms of speed or acceleration, and only a few sublines take any affect either. Brakeforce, traction and other fundamental items do of course make a difference, but vehicle types hardcoded somewhere still take precedent.

    It would be pointless to post individual lines, as I have tried every single line in order to achieve higher speeds in conjunction with my mod. There is still a hidden block somewhere.

    I've also concluded peds and popgroups/ cycles have no affect on vehicle speed definition. For example, changing a Hauler from a VEH_FREEWAY to Rich, and setting the ped to a Rich Man, setting the montary value to 90000, the swankness, spawn area, DriverAggressiveness, DriverIntelligence all do not have any affect on max achievable speed.

    Would it be possible to use one of these functions to write a script that makes those of service, haulage and large/transport value become Sports, and all the rest become Super.

    Re-Roading Help(https://pastebin.com/i2GGAjY0)

    This would achieve our goal of having extremely fast vehicles in all orders of use, but with variety on a great scale: 77 and 88 MPH respectively for large and regular vehicles in all conditions on all roads, wherever they get the chance.

    I move my focus onto now asking for help in producing a simple script in which all road vehicles of class type less than sports and super to be replaced by the correct numbers. Trucks and vans can whizz past at insane speeds, SUVs and other high performance vehicles like all the Ballers can achieve 88MPH, the golden number.

    Please write your ideas and contribute any knowledge whatsoever - thanks for reading!

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    YES!! - Solved it

    Will be contacting the developers of mods like Rage Enhancer, World of Variety, realistic handling mods, and more within the next few weeks.

    Alpha 4 is going to change GTA V forever.
    Large vehicles will achieve a minimum of 77 MPH where possible, and vehicles of higher value will seek 100MPH

    Featuring well varied speed, intelligent junctions and LOS, pile-ups, tailgating, and smooth curve transitions

    Follow Re-Roading Alpha now!

    alt text

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    https://imgur.com/a/7KMc7tu Not as a good as video, but still some shots to help picture the blessings we shall all enjoy in a few days...

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