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Red Dead Redemption 2's Weapon System

  • After spending more than 3 years on this site and being a huge fan of your mods, I am here requesting for a mod that could make history and change how we perceive games. I am asking for a mod that would make the weapon selection just like rdr2. You cannot take out of your pocket an AK and just start shooting at anyone. It has to be equipped and shown on your back. We would also like it to be good looking with variety of clothes, and to be having good animation of taking that weapon from your back. And thank you<3

  • The Pickups mod kind of does this already

  • @ramo99 Search is your friend. There's several mods already that do this

  • @death7991 @PsiBurner Guys when i say this it means that i wanted a new animation system. Your gun doesnt disappear when you climb or enter a vehicle, we (me and my friends and maybe the whole community) want something like an advanced animation of Gta IV when you hold your gun.
    In RDR2, you climb on your horse and whatever you do, your gun is still visible= realistic animations of holding a gun.

  • @ramo99 Animation modding isn't possible in V

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Are you sure there are no ways to have those animations from rdr2?

  • @ramo99 I'm even more sure about that, neither RDR2 has animation tools (or even rpf tools)

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