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Dual mods folders on Non Steam GTA V

  • Hi, im quiet new to mods so, but i have read a bit about it and wathced some vids about how to play "Storymode" with mods.

    So here is what i want to do.
    My son wanna play "Pokemon GO" mod, i installed it and it works.

    Before that i copied the GTA V folder to another drive (more space) and installed the LASPDFR mod, but when i start from LASPDFR folder, it starts Pokemon GO mod. ?

    Any tips that i can do?

    Or how do i mlink these ? Im not interested in Online playing.

    Here is my drives:
    "D:\Games\Grand Theft Auto V Pokemon GO"
    "E:\Games\Grand Theft Auto V LASPDFR"


    @FredoFrance i’ve never used the pokemon go mod so don’t know what type of mod it is (script, replace files etc) but it would be easier to move the pokemon go mod in and out of your folder if it is just a script

    another thing you can do is instead of having them on 2 drives, have them in the same drive however swap between them. when i played LSPDFR i used to have one drive for Police Scotland mods and one for LA. if i was using the LA one, id keep that directory named “Grand Theft Auto V and the Police Scotland one “Grand Theft Auto Scotland”. doing this would mean when launching the game it would only load whatever folder was just “GTA V” (can’t be bothered typing out the full name again lol) and if i wanted to play Pol Sco id just rename the folders.

    I hope that makes sense, it did in my head but I don’t know if it makes sense in words

  • Well the Pokemon GO replaces files and uses scripts.


    @FredoFrance then try the second method i mentioned

  • @FredoFrance
    Have a look over this thread. Read from post 7 onwards. :thumbsup:

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